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Reedsy Discovery review & plea for help!

Today (1 March 2021) Operation Bluebird's page is getting launched on Reedsy Discovery, and if it gets enough upvotes and/or comments then it could be included in the newsletter (which would be really super duper awesome)! Soooo i anybody who can take a quick min out of their busy day to give me an upvote (and a comment if you're feeling especially bae) it would be really helpful and lovely and I will appreciate you forever <3

This is the link:

Here is the review, and it's spoiler-free :D

Loved it! 😍

This book is a fast paced crime thriller, filled with high risks, glitzy lifestyles, and themes of love, belonging, and family.

It's been over twelve hours since I finished this book, and part of my heart and brain are still living at the Paradise Casino with the Park family. Harry Old does a wonderful job of describing the glitzy lifestyle of a mafia family, while making you feel like you are actually living the high life with them while reading.

This book is a fast paced crime thriller, with feels of James Bond and The Great Gatsby sprinkled throughout the pages. Set in London, the reader gets pulled in to the dilemmas and conflicts with our main protagonist, Carrie. It is easy to get lost in the push and pulls that Carrie feels as she loses herself in her job.

Operation Bluebird checks a lot of boxes for me when it comes to a crime thriller novel: lust, love, conflict, criminals, and suspense. I loved how Harry Old creates a timeline with each chapter, sometimes jumping back and forth but never in a way that creates confusion. This set up created tension and questions for the reader that was wrapped up nicely at the end. I never once knew or predicted what was to come next -- this book is by no means predictable and I never once found myself getting bored or struggling to keep reading.

It takes a lot for me to have visible reactions to books, but this one I audibly gasped towards the end. The pacing of this book is quick, but it speeds up right at the end and it is absolutely a page turner. (Harry note: this bit in particular makes me super happy and I really want to know which bit it was that made her gasp XD)

My only wish is that Harry Old had given us a little more description of our main character; I was never quite sure what she looked like. But, I think that also gave me the opportunity to slip in to her character as myself while reading, which was also just a totally fun experience. Pick up Operation Bluebird if you are looking for a crime novel that will help you escape, you enjoy lusty romance scenes, and are a fan of the glitz and glam associated with Jay Gatsby. This book would be a great one to pick up and enjoy with a glass of red wine while unwinding at night.

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