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Operation Bluebird - ideal cast

As in two interviews I was asked who my ideal cast would be for a Bluebird movie, I wanted to post them here too, with piccies XD

(note "ideal" ... in ideal-land being alive, speaking the right language and being the right age do not matter. shhh the non-believers)

(also note, I do not own any of these pictures, I either screenshotted movies/music videos or found them on Google. no credit to me, all credit to the celebrities and their photographers)

Carrie: Jennifer Lawrence

An inexperienced undercover cop determined to prove herself, but also to find herself.

"Have you ever wondered what's real and what's bullshit?"

Taehwan: Jung Daehyun

Bratty youngest son of a criminal mastermind, thinks life is all about drugs, parties and money.

"I'm the family shit. Might as well be shit in style."

Soju: Lee Gikwang

Sadistic, manipulative genius. Plays people like others play poker.

"This is a casino. We play the odds."

David: Paul Walker

Undercover pro, posing as Carrie's brother. Laid-back, casually handsome and not afraid to take risks.

"First rule of bullshit: don't bullshit."

Han: Bang Yongguk

Second eldest brother and head of security. Suspected to be the vehicle of his father's enemies' convenient disappearances.

"For the family. Always."

Yoonho: Jung Yunho

Eldest brother and heir to the empire. Loves pretending to be a respectable businessman, and mostly succeeds.

"All I've ever wanted is money and beauty."

Margot: Nicole Kidman

Yoonho's wife, previously his lawyer. Gave up her former life for the lure of easy money.

"Money, power, a better life - those are things to die for."

If somebody could warp time and make this happen, that would be much appreciated.

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