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Five star review from Literary Titan!

(and no spoilers this time ;)…)

Operation Bluebird is a gripping and intense psychological thriller following Carrie, a promising young police officer who is assigned to a deep cover job to bust the mysterious and filthy rich criminal-mastermind Park family. However, the Parks are smart and their world is more dangerous than anything she has faced before. As Carrie dives further into the Park family’s secrets, she becomes more intertwined with them, but Operation Bluebird must be carried out successfully for the greater good.

The suspense in the book is absolutely exquisite. Most of the time there is a constant level of subtle tension broken periodically by spikes of heart pounding action and plot twists. The whole story hooked me from the start and I could not put it down. Additionally, reading about the lives of the obscenely rich and privileged was fascinating. Readers will find themselves desperately attempting to live vicariously through the Park family. Each part of the story added a new element that made it more complex and lifelike. I almost believed that the Park family and Carrie did exist after a few chapters. Undoubtedly the vivid characterization contributed to this. Each Park family member has his own sinister character, although some have surprising silver linings. Carrie as well is a strong and inspiring female lead who is intelligent, bold, and sensitive. The other characters are distinctive and have strong motivations and personalities, especially the female characters, which is a breath of fresh air in a genre that tends to be lacking in this arena.

The book is a wonderfully told tale and I could only find one flaw. The flashbacks in the beginning are slightly confusing at first. Although they do make sense later, it is a bit difficult to determine what is going on for the first few pages. This does not affect the overall enjoyment of the novel, but it should be noted so readers are aware.

Operation Bluebird was a joy and adventure to read. It was suspenseful and had characters both lovable and detestable that form a mesmerizing world that readers will easily fall into. The plot has amazing twists that are never predictable. Mystery and intrigue permeates every chapter of this romance suspense novel. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy an impassioned and captivating crime thriller.

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