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First review & Kindle pre-order!

Readers' Favorite gave Bluebird 5 stars!!

And the eBook is up for pre-order XD (I think it only works for people with Kindles, unless someone wants to tell me otherwise?)

Readers' Favorite review: (tiny spoilers but not really, just for the first few chapters)

"Operation Bluebird is an action-oriented crime drama thriller written by Harry Old. Carolyn Hart is a young detective whose life takes a drastic turn when she is assigned to infiltrate one of the biggest crime families in London, the Parks. Carrie joins the Park family-owned Paradise Casino in the guise of Cara Parry, a dancer. She is accompanied by her partner David Watts who joins the organization undercover as her brother Drew, an ex-con. However, Carrie's work as an undercover cop leads her to an intense life of parties, sex, and drugs -- where she slowly starts to find it hard to differentiate between her undercover persona Cara and herself. Complicating matters further is her burgeoning relationship with the youngest Park, Taehwan, whose growing affection toward Cara makes her even more conflicted.

Fans of crime novels should get themselves a copy of Operation Bluebird as soon as possible, for it is an enthralling crime drama filled with action-packed sequences, romance, humor, and suspense that quickens your pulse with every twist and turn. Author Harry Old spins a compelling yarn set amid the London Underground with rich, well-developed characters, crisp dialogue, and an intricate plot. It moves quickly with a non-linear narrative that swings back and forth in years to provide an engaging reading experience. I found the dynamic between the Park brothers to be especially invigorating to the plot, with each of them having distinct personalities and backstories. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Operation Bluebird to readers who love crime-related stories with romantic undertones."

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