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Bluebird is GO!

Operation Bluebird is published and ready for the world!

Available on Amazon in eBook (£2.99) and paperback (£8.99) format:

"I'm not an addict," he scowled, still running his hands over the floor. "I can stop any time I want; I just don't want to yet."


Carrie Hart became Cara Parry for three reasons: to prove herself as an undercover detective; to bring justice to the people who killed Lucy Flynn; and to trial a life of letting go, with no consequence for her real self.

But under the intoxicating lights of Paradise Casino, lines are blurred and letting go becomes a question she had never thought to ask:

Who is the real Carrie Hart, and where do her loyalties truly lie?

***** ~ 5 stars ~ "an enthralling crime drama...with rich, well-developed characters, crisp dialogue, and an intricate plot. I would highly recommend Operation Bluebird to readers who love crime-related stories with romantic undertones" ~ Readers' Favorite

"attention grabbing crime drama with twists, temptation, addiction and a forbidden romance. Crafted with interesting and well created characters" ~ LoveReading

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