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7 December 2019

“You need to be careful, Mud,” the stranger told him darkly. “You don’t want the wrong people taking notice of you, trust me. The things you can do, lad, in the hands of some isn’t worth thinking about. You’ll have armies of the dead marching on London before you notice it. That or you’ll be hung for witchcraft. People aren’t kind to what they don’t understand.”
Jonah is nothing more than mud: an orphaned boy on the streets of London with no family but a stray dog named Dagger. Until he meets Adella.

Suddenly he has a name, a friend and a place in one of the most prosperous families in the neighbourhood. But more importantly, he has the opportunity to use the strange 'gift' that has plagued him all his life; to prove his worth, win Adella's heart and perhaps even conquer death itself.

Pigeons: Project
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