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It's Harry

I suppose I should write interesting things here. Am I interesting? I'm a lot better at writing about fictional people.

Standard writer trope: I've been writing ever since little baby me started scribbling stories about my blanket going to Dover. Very wholesome. Now I seem to write about people going a bit crazy and/or dying. Oh the loss of innocence.

I was born in London, but let's be honest, I don't live in the real world. I spend my time hiding in my parents' house playing games with my sisters, hiding even further in Bubble World (the most beautiful place not in the universe) and running away to Korea whenever my budget and the irritation known as work allow.

I finished my first novel when I was 17, which was very clearly written by an angsty teenager and pretty terrible, so it is not published and never will be. Sure, my friends enjoyed it at the time, but no. Just no.

I've been fascinated by the first world war since learning about it in school, so wrote NYDN with the purpose of making information accessible to people who aren't. I think history is very important and far too often is simplified and glorified, making later generations forget to appreciate the reality of what these people actually went through, and to ensure that it never happens again. I then realised I would feel super duper awful making money from horrible events that actually happened and decided to donate any profit I make from sales to Help For Heroes and The Royal British Legion (split equally). Maybe I am still a little bit wholesome.

To be honest, Pigeons was written because I was bored and wanted to write another book. No wholesomeness there I'm afraid. I had a random dream one night about a little orphan boy who wanted to go to school and a richer girl who wanted to teach him and thought "hey, that would be fun." I had actually got quite a way through the story planning with no Dagger (a big ole doggo who is rather important), then was on a train and saw a MASSIVE dog and decided I needed him.

Bluebird... Bluebird is entirely different. I'll write a whole blog post about Bluebird because it's far too complex for an About Me section. At the time of writing this it isn't released, but if you do only one thing with your life, it should be clicking the subscribey button and getting notified when it is. (update: it is released now, insert immensely chuffed face) I live for Bluebird. Ask my family: it's legit unhealthy.

Essentially, "About Me": I'm just a bit weird. I guess that's a standard writer trope too ;)

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