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I realised something recently:

I don't want to write books to make a living, I want to make a living so I can write books.

I think that distinction is important.

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Operation Bluebird

Operation Bluebird

2 February 2021

Carrie Hart became Cara Parry for three reasons: to prove herself as an undercover detective; to bring justice to the people who killed Lucy Flynn; and to trial a life of letting go, with no consequence for her real self.

But under the intoxicating lights of Paradise Casino, lines are blurred and letting go becomes a question she had never thought to ask:

Who is the real Carrie Hart, and where do her loyalties truly lie?

***** 5 stars ~ "an enthralling crime drama...with rich, well-developed characters, crisp dialogue, and an intricate plot" ~ Readers' Favorite

"attention grabbing crime drama with twists, temptation, addiction and a forbidden romance. Crafted with interesting and well created characters" ~ LoveReading

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7 December 2019

Jonah is nothing more than mud: an orphaned boy on the streets of London with no family but a stray dog named Dagger.

Until he meets Adella.

Suddenly he has a name, a friend and a place in one of the most prosperous families in the neighbourhood. But more importantly, he has the opportunity to use the strange 'gift' that has plagued him all his life; to prove his worth, win Adella's heart and perhaps even conquer death itself.

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Not Yet Dead, Nearly

6 December 2015

Locked in the filthy stalemate of the trenches, Ben Stack is far from the comfortable life he knew in rural England. With his older brothers gone, and the responsibility of a section's lives on his shoulders, he must leave his sleepy world behind and grow into his new role as a soldier.

But nothing here can be taken for granted, and as his friends fall apart around him it is all he can do to hold himself together, to return home to a world he struggles to remember. A story of companionship, struggles and growth in the trenches of the First World War.

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